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Once and Run Everywhere‘Nature Assignment Help

Once and run everywhere‘nature

Once and run everywhere‘nature

Java Programs are known as WORA which means that (Write Once Run Anywhere). It means that the developer can make a java program on the system and expect that the program execute on the other java platform without adjustment. It is an initial feature of java which is called “write once, run anywhere nature”. Currently, we observed that different versions of a program for many different devices are not practically possible because these devices have many types of CPUs, browsers and operating systems.Java use both compiler and interpreter.
Firstly using compiler java source code is converted into byte codeand after that interpreter execute this byte code at runtime to produce the output.

However we need a portable code of a program to run because the matching code can be work on all the computers. There for we can say that Java is “Portable” which means that java byte code execute any other hardware that acquires as (JVM).It can be known as “write one run anywhere” means that the program of java can be run at any device, execute into a byte code and confirmed that it run the program at any device equipped with JVM (java virtual machine).

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