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Final Class Assignment & Homework Help

Final class Assignment Help

Final class Assignment Help

If a class is stated as final, then it becomes final class. Final class does not a subclass. For the security purpose of java final class many of the libraries are present.

A final class cannot extend to another class. So we cannot access variables, methods present inside a final class to other class.

Final classes can be used to prevent inheritance of a class, for security reasons. Best way is to declare final is for String variables, which is immutable.


Public final String s;

Writing a class as ‘final’ means, the code is secured and strong. Nobody can access or change your code, since the variables are constants in the class. In Java, items with the final modifier cannot be changed.

Final class supports the final classes, final methods and the final variables.

  • A final class does not expand by sub class.
  • A final variable does not reallocated another type.
  • Overridden is not possible in the final method.
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